Brandle Chamblee v’s Tiger Woods

I am very glad to see the the apparent end to Brandle Chamblee v’s Tiger Woods fiasco.

I feel it certainly isn’t needed for the game of golf and leaves neither commentator or player in good light.

For those of you that missed it (accusations about a few poor dropping decisions)

In my opinion I feel that Woods although wrong in his drops and video catching a moving ball, is a little hard done by. All were easy to mistake especially the moving ball, as the ball dropped in height, at which point his eyesight was above the ball. The distant camera view was taken was at ball level (side on) where the movement was obvious.

Having said that, the way he handled media once again was very wrong. It surely would be easier to say upon the video evidence being shown to accept that an infringement was very apparent and accept the penalty with dignity. But no, instead, he continued to deny and argue his case.

What are you thoughts?

Great player for the game but will he ever learn to conduct himself better?

Posted on October 26, 2013