What makes a great golfer?

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I recently posted this link on Facebook and had quite a response with many comments.

So what does make a great golfer?

If you have watched the link Top 10 unique swings you will have observed the many different golf swings. Each player with their individual style but each achieving high levels of success.

What is setting them apart?

Some of the responses I have had back are:-

  • Simple and repetitive are good swings. What the person behind them does with them makes them great swings
  • Having a great short game
  • Hard work and practice help to make a great golf game.

There is no one answer to becoming a successful golfer and I am sure if you ask the 10 players from the link they all may respond with different answers.

With their very different swings the goal remains the same, control the distance and direction the ball travels, getting it in the hole in as few a shot as possible.

As they developed their golf game, they would have been aware of the improvement needed in the various area of the game.

Working on physical, mental, strategic areas as well as technical allowed them to improve and with passion and drive they have all worked hard to reach their goals.

Golf can seem a difficult game at times and if your anything like me it can feel very frustrating.

If you are keen to improve, analyse where your shots are lost on the golf course and why you may hit the ball consistently off right. You don’t have to accept this is what you do? Find the reason and start making the required improvements to your golf game.

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Brett Taylor

Posted on January 20, 2014