Have you driven off the fairway yet?

Have you driven off the fairway yet. 

We are nearly a month into 2014 already!

Scary really, time waits for no man.

A client mentioned to me yesterday, about his resolutions, ambitions and goals he is aiming to achieve this year.

Yet he is waiting until he has more time to start playing and with the miserable weather…..

Firstly, resolutions are not great, I have a few of my own and like many people they are the same goals as last year.

It’s fact that only 8% achieve their resolution  http://goo.gl/RJsBle

It is too easy to drive off the fairway and give up or keep putting thing off, “It’s ok I’ll do it next week”. 

We all have lots going on in our lives and it is far too easy to put things off and make excuses. It’s fine to have a few slip ups but don’t undo any good work that you have started.


Anyway my point…


How long ago did 2012 seem? Exactly, 2 years has past in what feels no time.

Don’t wait until 2015 passes to start wondering why you still haven’t improved your golf.

If you have goals and ambitions, start now.

Assess what action you need to take and make an impact on your golf.


If you started something in January, it’s ok that you may have messed up, pick yourself up and keep working towards what you want to achieve.

Have a great week.

Brett Taylor


Posted on January 26, 2014