Take Action

In my last email I mentioned that time waits for no man.

Now is your chance to take action.

Only a few days left to start your winter improvement programme. Save up to £100

The Olympics was in 2012, 2 years ago.

Having watched the successes of the British Olympics Team in the summer of 2012, I found myself in owe of every athletes commitment and work ethic. This combined with skilled coaching, allowed many to achieve their goals and lifetime ambitions.

The success of these athletes doesn’t just happen suddenly, it is many years of planning, action, determination and the ability to learn from any adversity suffered along their personal journeys.

Here’s my point

Making a decision to work on an aspect of your golf game or setting new goals is easy.

It is taking action that is going to set you apart and give you the success and improvement you are looking for?

How do you think these Olympic athletes achieved so much success.

Action! They acted on their goals and planning and got to work.

Don’t wait, how long ago did 2012 seem…?   2016 is coming.

This is your chance before the offer ends.

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If your serious about improving your golf, I will work with you to build a more efficient game.

Posted on January 29, 2014