Effective Practise to Play your Best Golf

What is effective practise?

Having watched and been inspired by Bubba Watson’s incredible victory, it was publicised greatly that he has never had a golf lesson.

So how has he become the amazing golf star that he has?

(Watch Bubba’s approach)  A very interesting and different approach!

My belief is he has got to the top by learning from effective practise, whether that be on the practise ground or golf course.

His ability to learn from each struck shot has allowed him to continue his improvement. His practise has given him the knowledge and feel that allows him to control the ball around the course best.

Effective practise can be many things, but ultimately it is learning from your practise, something that Bubba has definitely been good at.

What will be, or is the best approach for you to improve your golf?

Can you just rock up on the tee, play well and expect to keep improving?

A few tips to help your practise

Practising effectively is essential to every golfer.

  1. Always practise with targets in mind.
  2. Be aware of where your shots finish and try and understand why. It may be as simple as your aim.
  3. If you struggle to control your shots and don’t understand why, seek advice or golf lessons. Practising the correct things and understanding what you do to play better will allow your game to progress

Effective Practise sessions are being held every Tuesday from 7pm Starting April 29th.

Please see calendar – Consultation and advise while you practise


Posted on April 22, 2014